About Us

Welcome To aihourly.online LTD

Our company was founded in the beginning of 2020 and officially registered in the UK. Developed by a team of experienced mathematician with the focus on evolutionary engineering our unique artificial intelligence called AISync ®, which focuses on predicting future trends based on a unique fingerprint. This fingerprint is build based on millions of data points of historical data spanning a total of 3 years. We focus on main Forex and cryptocurrency markets. Using this unique technology, we build parameters which help our automated high frequency bots execute the perfect trades to take advantage of inter-day price shifts. Our highly experienced team of brokers and traders supervise this process to make sure that the highest possible return is achieved. This platform allows us to give investors a constant high return.
Our artificial intelligence analysis various news report every day on the latest changes in the financial markets, has direct link through API's to all major databases
providing timely fundamental, economic, technical analysis and a close approximation of upcoming currency quote. Our algorithm is programmed to provide
results with a 99% confidence level. This information allows our experienced traders to execute the best assets pairs to trade. Our analysis is based on market
moves (so called voices), economic, political and technical factors driving the market. These elements allow us to build a unique platform for international
investor which look for high interest, secure earnings.
We earn when our investors earn.




In 2020 the company is seeking international investors by offering a risk mitigated alternative investment opportunity by investing into its unique investment platform and guaranteeing to earn long-term returns. aihourly.online is officially registered